Misunderstood, Chapter Two & Chapter Three

Chapter 2 Commentary


What's with all the dualism at play in your story?

There is a dualistic nature within belief that has caused, as well as solved, many problems throughout human history. I often think about its influence on politics, science, and religion. Dualism in this story begins with belief.

Understand that I first started shaping the story that became Misunderstood in my late teenage years. (The story was originally titled Wayward Saint.) It was a time of turmoil, adventure, and the beginning of a search for balance.

Though life was about living, those first years of college became more about the search for some sort of meaning to life. Chapter Two was written very early on and refined later. There is an important statement made by one of the characters in the story in Chapter Two, that says something to the effect that faith is trust.

Like it or not, faith is always tested. Just as a scientist must have some degree of faith in the methods or instruments utilized to discover truths, a follower of religion must also trust in higher ideas.  This doesn't mean there won't be refinements along the way or even new discoveries. I bring this statement up because trust arises from a homeostatic existence. It is a sign of balance between extremes. Faith is as necessary as the extremes that brought it into existence; perhaps more so because without it, one side or the other takes over and eventually wipes itself out along with whatever is left. This is why trust should never be broken.

Dualism is at play throughout this story because (in my mind) it is organic matter’s answer to the question posed by inorganic matter: how will your newness survive here?



Chapter Three Commentary


I am interested in the Letter From Baghdad and the diary mentioned in your ebook in Chapter Three. What inspired the letter and is there a real diary?

I'll answer the last part of the question first. No, currently there is no single fictional diary that goes along with this story. Stay tuned….


Now, about the first part of the question. It has been said that in times of war, truth is always the first casualty. When war and the build up to war is televised on 24-hour news networks, it is difficult not to notice the spin of information and disinformation. The recognition of disinformation is but one trend that inspired this letter.

Another source for inspiration for this letter came from a college course and a discussion about what I believe people today call “othering”; or grouping people together as a process of creating an “us” versus “them” mentality.



Authors Note:

Regarding chapter titles within Misunderstood, I am continually surprised by the links I’m making now as a reader. From the cover to the first chapter title, there is the play on darkness and light. Chapter Two’s title serves as a bridge to the title of Chapter Three which tells the reader there is a blueprint being established; an original design that was drawn by the hand of ancestry.

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