Forward In Reverse

by Alan S. Garrett

"I'm Gone" was the first song Alan recorded within a third story apartment he had rented after moving to New Mexico to study archaeology. "My All" followed as did "New Mexico" and "Oh, No" which were recorded in a bomb shelter south of Albuquerque.

In 1998 his father passed away and within a week he recorded "Sankofa." The song really was an expression of the devastation he felt following his father's death and a search for some sort of sanity to hold on to.

After his father's death and the madness that began to follow, Alan wrote the songs, "Overdose" and "Falling."

Grief and being diagnosed with depression slowly ate away at his creativity. "The Rain," "Mementoes," and "Lost" were among the last recordings he made just prior to being finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Alan lost his creativity for almost five years.