Humans Being...

by Alan S. Garrett

We --

are not sinners, criminals, or saints.
We are not evil, good, or always balanced.
We are so much more than labels, divisions, or prejudices seek to define us to be.
But we can be any of these things, in any one moment, caught up in circumstances that may or may not be or have been beyond our control.
You see, what we are, are human beings.

Human beings just as capable of tears of joy as of tears of sorrow.
As capable of smiles as frowns and all in the same day, if not in a mere hour, within which we have lived.
We are love and hope, and rage and anger, striking out to protect as much as to destroy, even if we didn’t mean to.
We are as much the cause as we are the solution, and despite what our character might pretend to be in any present moment, we have all been right and we have all been wrong.
Live long enough, and you’ll know these words to be true, even if on the smallest of scales, or in front of audiences in the millions.

We are quick to judge because we have been judged, and we don’t want to be judged again.
Judgement hurts, it wounds, it causes such internal pain that often it manifests into external reactionary behavior that once done can’t be undone.
It can only be apologized for, and how we can apologize,
Even though our apologies often fail us because apologies take a we; not an I or a you, but a we to function.

We are light and darkness, truths and lies, bullies and heroes.
Our memories as selective as forgetful; our thoughts as impure as pure.
I am you and you are me and in any moment we could be either or the other,
But together -- we are perfection.

We are whole.

We are survivors.

We are Human Beings.

Human Beings.

Human Beings.

Humans --