Misunderstood believed in a world that did not exist. Csy is a destroyer of worlds. Then there is Sorrow. But what defines the world when strange occurrences too unique to merely be coincidence happen? Is there more to this world than we know? Could there be intelligent parallel existences? A novel set across countries and time, linked to interspecies politics, Misunderstood, follows the life of a new adult trying to come to terms with an unexplained past and an uncertain future.



Misunderstood Review Quote:

"In Misunderstood by Alan S. Garrett we are presented with a story that encourages us to see the world we inhabit in new ways just as we learn to examine our lives (and life itself) from differing perspectives. The title seems to this reader to be appropriate, letting the reader know the main dominating ideology that will be at work in the novel.... There are clearly some important philosophical barriers being worn away throughout this book and the reader is challenged in many different areas."

2nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards Judge


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