The Reason For Existence

(Date denotes folder creation date, not publication date of poem. First written May 11th, 2017.)

A long time ago, while out for a walk
I forgot where I was going.
When this happened or why, I cannot say
Only that I had forgotten that there was a time when I knew.

While stumbling through this forest with no direction
I realized I was merely surviving,
Because I encountered someone
In a dream that woke me.

The details are still revealing themselves
The mind is sadly still clouding the consciousness.
But there is light breaking through, a clearing ahead.
“Who are you?” I stop and ask, though within there is already an answer.

Confused, confounded
Knowing, not knowing, all at once the words arrive.
These words we share in common:
“I would bear the weight of your sorrows even if you were unable to bear mine.”

I remember where I was going now — to you.