Find Me (The Anomaly Project) Compass Human Being

My eyes surfed the electric lines that ran across my view outside the passenger window as I watched the biology I once knew passing through multiple dimensions. The horizon looked as though pollution had been filling some kind of the third layer of the sky. I noticed a tall transmission tower a short distance away as though it had been built over night. A song, attempting to play at 90 beats per minute, changed with the slightest of error as the rhythm sounded altered. Buzzards flew in straight lines high in the sky instead of riding the thermals as they once did; they were no longer among the last of the few free life forms left until they started perching on the cell tower antennas. How long would it be before all biologics were something other than biological alone?

Humidity filled the air in wave-like strands like smoke drifting across the Gulf of Mexico carried by the winds from a hidden war in Africa lighting up the meteorological data downloading from the application to her visuals. The discoloration on the displayed map revealed the layer of clouds extending across The Atlantic to the Yucatán and into Texas far higher than the strange looking rain clouds that were thickening lower in the atmosphere. A severe weather alert arose from a crystal speaker built into the center of the vehicle. Though changing, the sky didn’t appear threatening at all. All combined in a way that made the timing of the electric wires moving in her view across the utility poles seem more in tune with life than the biology of the surrounding countryside.

She thought back to a time when her father used to tell her about brown-outs occurring with a regularity that frightened those operating the electrical grid. As all views combined into a single perception, there was a sound that resembled that of a static-filled atmosphere exploding — an anomaly like no other occurred without warning. Technology was now alive within organic and inorganic matter.

She could still feel the symbiotic life forms within achieving homeostasis. Would anyone ever believe what was happening?

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