Omar is a highly intelligent possum who has poor eyesight but good vision -- at least as long as his friends are around. The real problem for Omar isn't what he can or can't see, it is how he reacts to what he thinks he sees. Fear tends to leave Omar indecisive and paralyzed for a bit of time, so much time that he is rarely, if ever, able to make a decision about anything.

When a couple of migrating Canadian Geese bring word that rapid environmental change is underway, Omar panics. Ice on Earth's polar regions is melting so quickly that the polar bears and penguins are struggling to find food. Gases are being released from melting permafrost. Ocean currents are changing while the severity of droughts and storms are on the rise across the planet. 

As his own pond begins to go dry and his animal friends begin to leave, Omar is faced with a decision he has to make alone.

What will such an intelligent yet indecisive possum do?