The Ego of Jesh

My name is Jesh and I come from a people with a long history of racism, violence, religious radicalism, stereotyping, oppression, and worse than you can possibly imagine.  I think I am different from them and have some opinions about things that I am going to share with you now.

I don’t think God exists in any fashion but in the minds of those who created its existence (and no I don’t recognize even the idea of God as belonging to a gender).  I think anyone or anything that demands worship has a problem.  I think anyone who demands obedience to such an extreme as to demand the sacrifice of their own children has serious issues they need to address.  I do not believe in organized religion.  I think more often than not it ends up becoming nothing more than a form of mass hypnosis.  I do believe in ethics, reason, compassion, and scientific rigor.  I think if there were true justice between parties who trespass against one another, no one would win.  I also think (as crazy as it may sound to some) that given enough time and the right resources, a plant will eventually evolve into an animal.  

I don’t believe in reincarnation.  I think when you are born you are born, when you die you die.  Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t think there was a life before, nor that that there is a life after.  It doesn’t change the fact that I too wish for such an existence, I just don’t think there is one.  

I don’t think Jesus is coming back.  Maybe someone will one day rise with the same attitude that the man once had before he was killed, and who knows, maybe that person will be a woman instead.  I am a Homo sapien sapien, descended from anatomically modern humans who first appear in the fossil record about 200,000 years ago.  I am a subspecies of the Homo sapien.  I do not live a physically demanding life, so my skeleton isn’t as robust as those who came before me.  I depend on technology more than raw physical power.  I have a prominent chin and barely visible brow ridges.

I have nightmares sometimes, violent and grotesque.  I’m told we all have them, as we get older, sometimes when we are young, but I do not let them affect my daily disposition.  I seek a better existence for others, to improve upon what we as a species have learned about ourselves, and to recover those parts of the past that will aid in assembling a brighter future for as many as possible, inside and outside of my species.  There is more to me than I can imagine.  If only I can stay on the path of ingenuity and not get bogged down by the animal within still trying to override the higher functions of my evolved brain via the nightmares I spoke of before.  There is a saying I read about one time, something about what a world it could be if wars remained in the minds of the people who create them.  I've learned to keep most of my wars inside my head, and I hope you do too. 

Although my words sometimes speak of collectivism, I want to expand upon the rights of the individual.  I think there is room for both and the laws set to protect the individual should always be stronger than groupthink.  I currently have no interest in creating children, there are plenty already on the planet, many with little food and no home.  It’s a personal decision and no, I don’t expect others to make my decision their own.

I believe in diversity as a means of survival, as long as there is recognition and respect that in the end we are all one.  If any of this doesn’t make sense to you, I challenge you to think about it for a while.