"They appear to have known it would take a long time to regenerate, to recover what they were about to lose, but if just one strain of data survived it would be enough to give them a fighting chance. So they dug deep into the best layers of rock from their planet, plotted the projected path of the inbound planet killer destined to destroy their home world, and saturated as much of those areas of the crust deemed fit to survive the impact with the necessary ingredients to restart their form of life."

"So we are not alone?"

"Not only are we not alone, from what I can tell, the entire history of where they came from is written into the software within these cells discovered within this rock from somewhere in space. We haven't transcribed everything."

"What is written into the software within our cells I wonder."

"We have already been looking into that."


"In the hundreds of thousands of years that we as human beings have been looking to the stars or the heavens searching for answers as to where we came from few actually thought to look within. There are stories of course, some inside religion, that have told us all along that the answers were within. As it turns out, the answers really were within, written into the software within our cells as well."

"So who are we? Who we're they?"

"We are working out the data, but it appears they are former versions of us."