Survival, there was a time when that was all that life was about for me.  I couldn't consciously remember everything then, back when I evolved in various forms down through the billions of years of single and multicellular existences.  While being raised in the form of a human being, science told me my atoms came from stars and my life on this planet evolved from a single cell to a multicellular organism.  I am still not sure that what constitutes life is the existence of a cell or that organic versus inorganic matter defines its difference from nonliving existences, but I'm working on it.

Some wanted to be nothing more than human, some enjoyed merely thinking in terms of survival.  Later in life, I wanted to be something else, not necessarily a higher order, perhaps simply a different more advanced one.  My dreams began to be realized the day the Injector was invented and I chose it over the life I had known in a hominid's body.

The Injector was a quantum teleporting transference mechanism that copied the unique patten recognition within my brain into something called Active DNA, a newer storage medium.  DNA, the software of life, was now a form of refined data storage.  My original brain was destroyed in the process, no turning back once one entered the Injector process.  Active DNA existed within an engineered cell supported by managing agents that kept the cell fed and error free.  No human was allowed to enter the Injector before age 25 to ensure each Active was unique.  In the beginning the relationships between Actives and Humans were necessarily symbiotic.

Before the Injector was invented, I thought evolution meant physically bigger was better.  My thoughts were filled with ignorance and naivety in those days.  Well, maybe not as much ignorance as lack of wisdom.  I recognized back then that I would always be limited by what I didn't know, this fundamental reasoning drove me to try to always learn more.  Realizing what you don't know is the beginning to understanding what you do know, after all.  After entering the Injector, I realized the macro world existed in order to refine the micro.  Macro space meant micro refinement.

As a child in the multicellular form of a human being, I gazed up at the stars and imagined a universe that expands and contracts.  Some ideas like how many things my grandparents had seen in their lifetime seemed huge when I was younger.  Those ideas seem so small now when compared to the existence of multiple universes, let alone our little universe, our little galaxy, our little solar system, our little planet, our little bodies, our little cells and our little particles.  I once wrote a short poem about life in the universe that went something like this:

There is a wind;

A wave;

A surf.

I am bent, I am broken;

I sink; I swim;

I am drawn, I am pushed away.

There is a wind;

A wave;

A surf,

I cannot live without.

When the Injector was invented I no longer had to relearn everything each time I was born.  Generations would no longer have to be born except in the initial transfer nor would they have to relearn everything from scratch.  We did have to update, however, as new discoveries were made and old lessons were refined.  The updates were so much easier existing in this new medium, as opposed to having to chemically burn them into a brain through repetitive cycles of memorization which over time could decay in the brain causing error.

Transference of data updates in a new shell (thats what Actives call their new homes), could be compared to that in the old one.  Mobile Actives still received new code wirelessly (just like humans do through reading with their eyes, or listening with their ears), hardwired Actives received updates through hardwired systems, something akin to reading through touch in the human body like with Braille.  The updates were frequent and fast.  Publisher algorithms vetted new data as soon as an Active or group of Actives completed their research.  Comparative algorithms linked research via the tags of their authors and adaptive databases breathed like the universe as Refining Actives constantly adjusted them.

We Actives are smaller versions of what resides inside the human organism.  We are non-artificial organic thinking control functions embedded within inorganic machines.