Brain Printing

Janus walked out of the kitchen and into her living room on this particularly boring day.  She sat down on her sofa to a microwave dinner, news playing on the flatscreen TV, and a cat that playfully chased a digital mouse on the screen of her tablet laying on the couch beside her.  The cable broadcast went black for a moment and then someone she did not recognize appeared on the screen.

“Years and years ago science was trying to prove a concept that every brain has a unique frequency that can be detected externally and from some distance away.  The process of recording those frequencies was known as brain printing.  The experiment began on lab animals and ended up in the streets of our cities and rural towns without public permission and for the most part without public knowledge.  The brain printing program was shut down for fear of what the technology could become.

“Fast forward some years and another program figured out how to scan the human brain and see the images of what that person was thinking.  This included not only the conscious brain operating while the person was awake, but also the unconscious which can affect behavior and emotion.  The machine that housed this technology was massive, but it was eventually reduced down to a portable device.”

The signal stunted as networks fought to gain control back over the signal.  But somehow hackers had overtaken the network's control nationally.  Janus picked up the remote and changed the channel on the cable box but the feed was displaying on every channel.

“There is no such thing as coincidence,” the man on the screen continued.  “The two programs I have mentioned have been combined.  Brain printing data and the technology contained within a copy of this portable device...” (the man appeared to be plugging a cable into the device) “...are using the digital broadcast spectrum to target individual people.  Memories are being altered, lives are at risk.  We urge broadcasters to...”

That was it, the broadcast signal went dead, all over the nation