Observing the Observers

Why are they studying this organism?

They think it’s living other organisms’ lives but they aren’t sure yet.

How does an organism live another organism’s life? Wouldn’t that organism have to be the same organism to actually live another organism’s life, thereby cancelling itself out of existence?

In answer to your first question, no organism can live another organism’s life. In answer to your second question, it appears to us that the organism isn’t really living another organism’s life; its just mimicking behaviors it chooses to identify with. The combination of those behaviors it chooses to identify with are what makes it an independent organism, at least that is one definition of independence. But those watching this organism haven’t discovered this definition yet.

So do we really know what these watchers don’t?


Yeah, that was kind of funny. So are we watching the organism, too? Or are we watching the watchers who are observing it?

We are watching the organism.

Okay, but I’m a bit confused about something.

What are you confused about?

Well, if we are watching the organism the watchers think is living another organism’s life but is in reality just imitating the behaviors it identifies with (just like all organisms are thought to do I might add), I am compelled to ask, is it possible that there are other watchers watching all of us watch the organism?

Yes, but there is only one other watcher watching us.

Who could it be?

The organism at the center of it all; it is us that the organism is believed to be imitating.

Why would it do that?

It might be an original instead.

What is an original?

What we are really here to observe.