Grandfather, Why?


“Yes, Granddaughter?”

“Mother says you are a greedy person. But you don’t have anything. I can’t figure out why, if you are such a greedy person, why don’t you have a lot of money?”

“Oh, I’ve had a lot of money, Granddaughter, but it only made me want more money. More money lead to wanting more things. But the more things I had, the more others wanted them, too. The more others wanted my things, the more security I needed, and the more security I needed, the less freedom I had. The less freedom I had, the more armies I had to build to protect my things. The more armies I built, the more wars that I had to fight. The more wars I had to fight, the more people that died. “

“Wait a minute, Grandfather. You used to have armies? How many soldiers did you command?”


“Did you actually fight with the people who were fighting for you? “

“Of course not. What would be the purpose of having things if I wasn’t around to have them?”

“Because the soldiers were defending you.”

“They weren’t defending me, Granddaughter; they were defending my things.”

“Grandfather! So it was all about your things, not about the people? Millions of people don’t fight to defend things, Grandfather.”

“It was all about money to me, Granddaughter. All because I had a lot of money, and all because I just wanted more and more of it. That is why I don’t have any money now. I gave it all away to people who did not need it.”

“That’s even worse, Grandfather! You could have helped so many people.”

“Oh, I’ve helped people, Granddaughter. By giving it all away I’ve helped more people than I’ll  ever know. In fact I’m helping them today by not having it. If the truth were to be known, one person may be all I am capable of helping, and for once in my life it isn’t myself. In fact, I’m  helping that someone right now, perhaps the most important person to me of all.”

“How are you doing that, Grandfather?”

“By answering every question she asks me.”