Frosty Saves The Day

Tricky and Stone sat behind the mass of green briers growing on the fence and the tall dead grass from the previous year's growth.

"I...I don't think he's coming this morning, Tricky; l...l...let's go back to the pack."

"It's time we show these humans who the boss is around these parts.  Besides this is a particularly plump one," Tricky said while licking his chops.

"I really think we should go back to the pack, Tricky.  It's getting well onto daylight and the sun is already up."

"What are you, Stone, chicken?  Maybe I should eat you instead."  Tricky approached Stone with a cold glare while licking his chops.  

", Tricky.  I'm not a chicken." replied Stone.

But Stone was really not sure of this plan.  He began to wonder if he should have ever come along.

The human was walking down the long driveway on the way to his grandmother's house.  It was a beautiful morning, slightly overcast skies, a gentle cool breeze from the south.  

Frosty the dog was barking at the swallows as they flew from their nests on the front porch to the fields in search of insects to eat.

"Wha...what about Frosty?" Stone asked.  

"You attack that mutt while I get the human."

Stone was liking this plan less and less.

"Now!" Tricky yelled and both of the coyotes burst from their cover.  The human turned to see the commotion but was too scared to run.  Frosty heard the commotion, too, and dashed to save his human friend.

Tricky turned back to verify Stone was in position.  Stone was nowhere in sight.  But Frosty was.  The red heeler was coming at Tricky with the full force of everything he had.

Tricky decided in that moment that perhaps he had made a bad decision and fled.  Frosty chased both the coyotes until he could see them no more, then returned to his home with a smile on his face; his human was safe once again.